Tess Armstrong Bail Bonds  201 W. Boyd Dr. Suite 105B, Allen, TX  75013  214 383-0525

Collin County Detention Facility   4300 Community Ave., McKinney, TX  75071   972 547-5200
Allen Police Department  205 W. McDermott Dr., Allen, TX  75002     214 509-4218
Frisco Police Department  7200 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, TX  75034   972 292-6001
Plano Police Department  909 E. 14th Street, Plano, TX   972 424-5678
Richardson Police Department  140 N. Greenville Ave., Richardson,TX  75081  972 744-4800
Wylie Police Department  2000 Hwy 78, Wylie, TX  75098   972 442-9170

Collin County Website:
Here you can check criminal records through the online search or court dates, etc.

Collin County Sheriff's Department Website:
Here you can check to see if a person is in custody and is booked into  the jail.  Persons can't be bonded until they are on the computer  system.  Go to "current inmates"

Please note if a defendant is in either the Frisco Jail or the  Richardson Jail you will need to know if they have a Collin County  charge as these two cities are within two counties.  Frisco is both  Collin and Denton counties.  Richardson is in Collin and Dallas  counties.  This is important to know as it makes a difference as to  where the bond will be posted.  Our office is currently only licensed in  Collin County.
If he/she has a Collin County charge, the city jails will normally  transfer prisinors to the Collin County Detention Facility where they  would need to be processed.  The process can take several hours to  complete so it is better if they can be bonded out while still in  custody at a city jail. 

Once bonded by Tess Armstrong Bail Bonds, all clients are required to check in via telephone every Monday.