What do I do? How do I bond someone out of jail?
*Call Tess Armstrong Bail Bonds as we will walk you through the process.

How much does it cost?
*Usually 10% but cost can vary by agency and some charge a minimum charge on smaller bonds.

What types of payments are accepted?

*Cash, Western Union, Money Gram and credit cards

I did not need a bond after all, Can I get my money back from the bonding company?
*Yes, as long as the bond has NOT been posted.  If the bond was posted,  the service has been performed and no refund would be due.

How Long does it take to be released from jail?
*The  Collin County Detention Facility will normally take 1 ½ to 3 hours once  the bond is posted however, it can take longer if they are very busy.  This is out of our control.  

Can a person be bonded out of a city jail?
*Yes,  as long as they are not transferred we can obtain a signature at the  city jail then post the bond at the County Sheriff’s Department. The  defendant will then be released from the city jail usually within 30  minutes of the bond being posted and the transaction is sent to the city  jail. 

I have a warrant. What do I do?
*You  can meet with us and we will issue a bail bond “in hand” which means  your bond is posted before you go through the booking process. This is normally much faster with the process time usually being 1 ½ hour. Plus,  you know your bond has been posted.  At Tess Armstrong Bail Bonds, we  will personally walk you down to the bond desk to make sure you are in  the correct place.

Will I have to check in if placed on bond?
*Yes, we have weekly check in every Monday. This is normally done via telephone.

Can I travel or leave the area once bonded out of jail?
*Only with permission from your bail bond company.  We need to know where you are to ensure you make all court dates.

What if I move?
*Notify the bonding company, court and attorney immediately.  A written notice is generally required.

Why do I need a co-signer?  What is the responsibility of a co-signer?
*This is generally necessary to guaranty the defendant will  appear in court.  If the defendant does not show up for all court dates,  this person(s) is responsible for the entire bail amount plus court  costs and any other fees.  As long as the defendant make all  appearances, this is not a problem for the co-signer.